Monday, February 11, 2008

Winter Kayaking

Two weeks ago Forrest and I went down to my mom's house in Oregon to help her get ready to move. They painted the family room and Forrest and his dad fixed all of the toilets and put in a garbage disposal. I had the job of swiffering all of the wood floors. Doesn't sound too difficult, but there are over 3500 square feet of wood floors. On Sunday, Nate and Ramie and Merrick, Hannah, and Grace came over to hang out. The boys decided it would be fun to go kayaking on the river.
Merrick had never been kayaking before so we put him in the Hobie, which in my opinion is the funnest kayak ever. It has foot peddles, so you just fly. Forrest and Nate were in the double kayak, and Merrick just went in circles around them. Hannah and I were cold, so once we sent them off, we went back inside. It did make us look forward to this summer though - warm sun, kayaking and boating.

FYI - I found some infant life jackets at Sam's Club for 20$. I bet Costco has them too.

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Hannah said...

I almost expected to see a picture of you in the kayak! Looks like fun!