Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Post About Christmas...

I know, I know. I am incredibly late with these pictures. But better late than never right? Forrest and I went to Jackson for Christmas. It was wonderful to spend time as a whole family, remembering my dad and celebrating Christ's birth together.

Elisa is quite the personality and here is dancing to her uncle Ryan playing the piano.

I absolutely love snow. I find myself getting slightly depressed during winter in Washington, especially when right before Christmas we had tons of rain. It was great to spend an entire week in the white stuff. Forrest and I went cross country skiing and snow shoeing. Forrest also went snowboarding and sledding.

Sadie Pearl. She is such a cutie. I loved just snuggling with her whenever I could steal her away from her mom, Nana, or Aunt Michelle.

Elisa loves to cook. If she hears the Kitchenaid going, she will come running. She got an apron of her own for Christmas and here she is helping Nana make Poteca (a Christmas bread) for some friends. She also helped her aunt Amy make cinnamon rolls.

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Hannah said...

Those are cute pics! Before you know it you'll be cuddling your own little guy!

Hannah N