Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I have finally decided to post about our trip to Hawaii - which was only 2 months ago, but whatever. It was slightly crazy getting ready for Hawaii. Forrest and I came back from my dad's service in Jackson on a Tuesday, worked 2 days and then flew out to Hawaii on Friday. (Did I mention that we flew in and out of Portland?) Forrest worked a total of 2o+ hours in those two days. We got to Hawaii on my birthday, but celebrated the next day by going to Kimo's in Lahaina. Their Naughty Hula Pie is fantastic and was my birthday cake.
We spent the first three days in Napili, which was nostalgic because the last time I was there was with my whole family, but it was absolutely beautiful and quite relaxing just being the two of us.
We then hooked up with Forrest's parents and spent the rest of the time in Kihei. We had lots of snorkeling and saw turtles every time we went out. We drove the road to Hana - which I will never do again when I am pregnant. I never get car sick, but pregnancy hormones, windy road and cheese and crackers is not a good idea. On the way to Hana we stopped at a beach for some banana bread which was quite yummy. We then drove to Black Sand Beach where Forrest found a cave to climb in. We had packed a lunch, but while Forrest was playing the cave, I saw a couple eating noodles and I then had to have noodles for lunch.

The last three days Forrest's sister joined us and we went back to Lahaina and I had to go to the Banyan Tree. If I could grow one of these at my house I would.
Overall the 10 days we spent in Hawaii were fantastic and just what we needed. God's timing was perfect because I was not ready to return to counseling right after my dad died, and I came back from Hawaii more mentally prepared to handle other people's crises. We are ready to go back anytime - so if a generous benefactor wants to send us for a babymoon - we wouldn't complain!


Hannah said...

What a great trip! I have never been to Hawaii, but I would love to go. I would definitely recommend some sort of trip before your baby boy arrives. Even something small, just a few days away. You never know when you will get to do it again!

Hannah N

Living the Life.... said...

Sounds great! I'm afraid if I go I'll want to see everything and not be able to relax. One of these days we'll make the trip to Hawaii. How is the baby name picking coming along?

Laura said...

Ahh...Hawaii. It is the one place that I can say that I can truly relax. Glad you guys had a great time.