Saturday, June 21, 2014

Adventure at Ballard Locks

My goal for this summer is to take the kids on more adventures. To explore parts of the Seattle area that we have never been to before. Our first adventure: The Hiram Chittenden Locks. We walked over the big lock just before the started to open it to let a bunch of boats out to sea. 
It was pretty impressive how many boats fit in the big lock. 
I texted Forrest asking why he hasn't bought me this boat yet, but he didn't respond. 
After crossing the small lock, which they were loading with sailboats. We went to the fish ladder. 
There weren't any salmon today, but they are expecting a big run soon. 
On our way back over the locks there was an Argosy cruise boat headed into lake Union in the small lock and this large fishing boat in the large lock.  I could have watched for a bit longer, but the kids wanted to run. 
The locks are surrounded by a botanical garden, so I let them loose.  I also took a picture of Kinsley to prove she was there. 

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