Monday, March 17, 2014

Go Beavs!

The PAC 12 women's basketball tournament was played in Seattle.  When I found out that Oregon State had made it into the championship game, I asked Forrest if we could go.  

The game was at Key Arena.  We opted to only pay for general admission tickets.  We asked if we would need to pay for Selah, and the lady at the ticket office was awesome.  She told us it should be fine, but then gave us an extra ticket for free so that we wouldn't have a hard time.  

Originally our seats were off to the side, but they moved us to the center so that the arena would look more full and be better for tv.  
The kids loved watching the game. The also liked the popcorn and soda they got to eat too. B
Kinsley had fun listening to the bands.  
Unfortunately the Beavs lost, but they should be getting into the NCAA tournament so not all hope is lost. 
Since we left our house at 4:30 to get to the game, we had to make a stop at Dick's Drive In for burgers and fries after the game.  

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