Thursday, June 14, 2012

You guessed it.... more hats

I am working on posts about our fabulous trip to San Diego almost two weeks ago. It was my grandpa's 100th birthday and the entire Norris family (all 37 of us) were there together.

I got a  little ambitious and made a crocheted hat for all of the great grandchildren.  There are nine of them.

Here is Selah's hat.  Pattern by Posh Patterns
Catherine's hat
Rowan's hat  (Same pattern as Selah's but with a different flower.)
Cute Rowan in her hat.

Tucker's little beanie.
Raina's hat.  Pattern by The Dainty Daisy

I didn't take a close up of Leithen's hat, but this is him wearing it.  They white is my attempt at a pirate skull.  He's six and thought it was cool.

It was a lot of fun to make them for my family, but even more fun to see all of my family together.  More coming soon!

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bailey said...

loved these!! thank you for Tucker's sweet beanie....he's in the cool club now!