Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Mid Winter Vacation

From Mid February

Nate and Ramie invited us to spend a long weekend with them in Bend, OR.  They were staying in a two bedroom condo at Eagle Creek Resort and there was room for us to go with them.  It was such a fabulous time!  We all climbed into the Moody's suburban and rode together.  It was a little cramped, but a lot of fun.  We arrived on Thursday and stayed until Sunday.  These are the only pictures I took all weekend.  We were having too much fun to take pictures.
(Ephraim is telling Daddy how beautiful the scenery is)

On Friday the boys went golfing at the resort and Ramie and I took the kids to one of the playgrounds at the resort.  It was beautiful and sunny.  The kids had a great time at the playground and Selah actually took a nap that afternoon.  After the boys got back from golfing we headed into town and had some dinner.
On Saturday there was snow on the ground.  We got all of our snow stuff together, ate lunch in Bend, had a few quick stops and then headed to the mountain to go sledding.  There was a great Sno-Park that had a perfect sledding hill.  Ephraim LOVED sledding.  He would ride the innertube down the hill by himself and then drag it back up by himself.  Selah enjoyed herself too.
After sledding we came back to the condo where the boys grilled steak and vegetables for dinner.  We watched The Help after the kiddos went to bed.
On Sunday we hung out, went to Redmond for lunch and then packed up to head home in snow flurries.  I can't thank the Moody's enough for inviting us to join them.  It was so relaxing to hang out with such fabulous friends!

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