Tuesday, December 13, 2011

He gets it

Today I took my kids to Costco - not an unusual trip around here.  In addition to our normal shopping, I had Ephraim chose a toy for him and Selah to donate to kids in need.  He and I talked a lot about how there are kids without families, and sometimes there are kids with families that cannot afford to buy new toys for Christmas.  Ephraim asked a lot of questions about how and why that could happen.  We talked about how blessed we are that his Daddy has a good job that allows us to buy new toys and allows me to stay home to play with him and Selah.  He chose a really cool helicopter that makes noise and a neat baby set that came with a bed and horse for Selah.  (He at first tried to chose the really cool motorized miniature snowmobile and then we had to talk about budgets and how Mommy and Daddy can't afford that toy for him or anybody).

After Costco we drove to the fire station to drop off our toys.  Both kids did really well and Ephraim enjoyed putting the helicopter in the big bin.  As we were walking back to the car he said "But Mommy?  Kids need families."  Yes they do bud, yes they do.

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Barb said...

Teary....He is a very tenderhearted little guy - and has two wonderful parents:)