Friday, September 16, 2011

18 months

Selah is 18 months old today.  I am pretty sure she thinks she is 3 though.  There is so much to say about this girl of ours.  Mostly she is crazy.  A lot of fun.  But nuts.  Our friend Merrick recently described Selah as "sprinting from mortal danger to mortal danger."  That pretty much sums her up.  She climbs EVERYTHING.  Her latest trick is to try to climb up the wall of the bath tub using the little bar.  I have given up trying to get her off of the table.  I draw the line at her moving chairs to climb on top of the counter though.  She does not seem to have any concern for her own personal safety - and I am waiting for her to break her arm.  It is a when, not an if.

She laughs all of the time and is full of smiles.  And screams.  The girl is loud almost all of the time and loves to make noise.  She has started screaming when things don't go her way.  Which is often.  And can fake cry with the best of them.  With big crocodile tears.  Thank goodness she can be distracted pretty easily.

Selah loves to play with Ephraim.  She loves to play cars and swords with him. When she holds a sword she says "Fight.  Fight."  One of her favorite toys is Mr. Potato Head.  She discovered babies while at Nana's house last week and carries one of her three around the house constantly.  She loves to be outside and likes to scare her mom with the tricks she tries on the slide.  At Ephraim's soccer practice she tries to be in the middle of what the big kids are doing and will imitate what the coach is teaching them on the sidelines as if to say "I can do this too."  She loves to have clips in her hair.  Selah has to be wearing shoes - she loves any and all shoes.  She also likes to carry things around in little purses and bags.

Selah is not a huge talker, but has quite a few words WHEN she wants to use them.  I have even heard her say phrases, but you can't get her to repeat anything.  Some of her words are:

wa-wa - water or Wallis
Eff-rum! - said just like she hears me yell it
Say-yah - Selah
mou - mouse (as in Mickey Mouse)
too - toodles (on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
pu - push
dow - down
maa - milk
mo - more
shi - shine (used when she is singing This Little Light of Mine)
stop it - (said when the doctor was giving her stitches)
take it (when she was trying to feed Claire)
tickatickaticka - tickle
nigh-nigh - night night
wherdgo - where did she go?
buckabucka - buckle

Selah is super sweet.  When Ephraim is in time out - she sits next to him to keep him company.  She will give him kisses if she knows he is upset.  She loves to give hugs, high fives, and fist bumps.  She definitely keeps up on our toes, but we love it.

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