Friday, July 08, 2011

First Stitch

From April 14th, 2011 (I know.. I know..)

This morning started off great. The kids and I ran some errands and ended at Walmart - ready to go home and have lunch. Ephraim loves to enter the car through the back door and then climb over the seats to his seat. Today, he slipped on the third row seat and hit the top of his car seat (which is in the middle row.) He split his lip. After I got him calmed down enough so that I could look at it, I knew we were headed to urgent care. He split it right in the corner - so every time he opened his mouth it was gaping open.

Thankfully urgent care is right across the street from Walmart. It was a quick wait (we were the only ones in the waiting room). The doctor confirmed what I already knew - he needed a stitch. I got to hold a numbing solution on his lip for 15 minutes before they could give him the stitch. Trying to do that and keep Selah out of trouble was tricky. Ephraim was a champion and handled getting the stitch great. He and Selah both got a popsicle for their trouble.

As we were leaving they explained that stitches in the mouth usually dissolve really quickly - like 2 days, but if it was still there a week from now then to come back. We got to come back. And both kids got popsicles again. Urgent care is now known at our house for their popsicles. Awesome.

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