Thursday, February 10, 2011


Early on February 7th, we headed down to Mary Bridge Day Surgery Center in Tacoma. I woke Ephraim up when I put him in the car and the first thing he asked was if he could eat.

We checked in at 7AM and were brought to our little room to get Ephraim changed.

Pants first!

Selah checking out the room.
Ephraim thought it was pretty cool to get to wear special clothes. We had spent a lot of time talking about how he was going to go to the doctor's and "take a nap" to have tubes put in his ear and have the "owie" taken out of his throat. He was prepared for them to put a mask over his face to help him sleep. At no time during the morning did he show any fear or nervousness.
After getting checked out by the nurses and getting his "bracelets" put on, we headed to the toy room. Ephraim loved this little coupe car.
Selah loved just wondering around with things in her mouth.
They came and took us back to the operating area and put us in a holding room to talk with the doctor and anesthesiologist. Ephraim thought it was really cool that everyone was checking out his bracelets.
Selah was getting really hungry and tired by this time, but she managed to hang in there until after the doctor's had met with us. The OR nurse had E give us kisses and then told him she had a button for him to push. She turned him around so he wouldn't see us leaving and had him push the button for the doors so we could exit. (Ephraim loves buttons.)

We hung out in the waiting room for maybe 20 minutes before Dr. Erwin came to talk to us. There was a monitor on the wall with all the patient numbers that let you know when they had gone into the OR, when the surgery was coming to an end and when they had been moved to the recovery room. We had been told Ephraim would probably be in recovery for 30-45 minutes before they brought him out. We were a little surprised when 20 minutes later he was wheeled out. Apparently he had woken up immediately after the anesthesia had worn off and they had given him Demerol so he would sleep. That lasted for 20 minutes and he woke up again so they brought him out.

Ephraim never cried, but was pretty confused. He kept looking at his wrist where the IV was and asking "what is this?" (They put the IV in after he fell asleep, so he didn't remember it).
They brought him Popsicles and some apple juice and he began to perk up.
This picture is us asking him to smile. (and might be my favorite)
After spending an hour recovering in our room (and never taking a nap like they suggested), he was ready to go. Two more popsicles and we went home.
Ephraim seems to be recovering well. He takes all of his medicine like a champ and has not complained about pain. He will vary between having lots of energy and being completely drained. He doesn't have much of an appetite, but that is pretty normal and I was warned to expect weight loss (up to 5 pounds would be normal.) I'm hoping he doesn't lose that much since then his sister would outweigh him. Since his surgery he has been sleeping through the night pretty consistently. He also hasn't complained about his tummy hurting and has not needed to take his prevacid. We are hypothesizing that since his adenoids were weeping fluid, they were causing him to experience some heartburn. We are very thankful that our little guy is doing so well. Thanks for your prayers!

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