Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A Trip to Oregon

Forrest had to work over the 4th of July weekend, so to get out of his hair (and not have me get annoyed with the fact that he was working on a holiday) the kids and I went to Oregon. We drove down Thursday afternoon and stayed with the Brownlees for a few days.

I got to babysit Claire while Merrick, Hannah and Grace took Grace to the allergist. I was quite proud of myself for getting Claire and Selah to sleep and then getting Ephraim and I in the shower. After naps I was able to get both babies dressed, but that was the end of my feeling accomplished. I fed Claire her cereal, while holding Selah, but the Brownlees came home to a destroyed living room because I was unable to keep Ephraim out of mischief. I don't think I accomplished much else the rest of the day after that.
These two little girls are exactly 17 weeks apart and are very close in size. It is going to be fun watching them grow up together.
Ephraim might have been in trouble when I took this photo.

On Saturday we met up with the Coleman's at the farmer's market, but I have no photographic evidence of our fun time. After Ephraim woke up from his nap, Hannah drew a race course for the kids to ride bikes in. Ephraim tried out the scooter and talked about "bikes, Gace" for days.

Saturday evening we traveled to my mom's house. My cousin Paige also came down for the weekend. It was too cold for me to get on the boat on Sunday, but Ephraim went for a ride while Michelle, Paige and some of Michelle's friends went wakeboarding.
On Monday we went shopping. Ephraim needed new shoes. He now wears an 8.5 (he was wearing size 7's. I knew I was pushing it, but didn't realize how badly I was squishing his toes.)
I also went a little crazy at Joann's. In my defense they were having a great sale and I had a 10% off coupon.
We traveled back home on Monday night. We had a great time, but were very happy to see Forrest.

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