Sunday, March 28, 2010

The difference a pound makes...

Towards the end of my pregnancy with Selah, I started to mentally prepare for challenges after she was born. For those that don't know - Ephraim was a terrible eater. He couldn't latch on well and we had to use a supplemental nursing system for weeks. It would take close to an hour to feed him and then I had to pump afterwards. He gained weight very slowly and had jaundice that caused him to be under bililights for two days. He also was/is a horrible sleeper.

With all of the challenges I had with Ephraim, I wanted to be mentally ready for any of them with our baby girl - all while praying and hoping that things would be easier.

Selah - 10 days old
Let me tell you what a difference a pound makes (and almost two weeks more gestation). Selah came out weighing one ounce short of a pound more than her brother. She latched on with ease and has had no latch issues since. (Although we did meet with the lactation consultant at the hospital so I could feel more at ease). She eats amazingly fast. I only nurse her for 5-7 minutes total. She has had no weight gain issues and actually is gaining weight faster than most babies her age. She did have elevated jaundice levels - but due to her weight gain, did not have to be under lights. Selah is also a terrific sleeper. I believe this is completely connected to her ability to eat.
Ephraim - 10 days old

Needless to say - Selah's ability to eat and sleep have made the transition to two kids pretty easy. And for that I am incredibly thankful.
Selah - 10 days old


Marisa Coleman said...

And we're all grateful for Selah's good "babyness" for your sake. 5-7 minutes...holy cow!

Ramie said...

I'm so glad things are going so well, Amy! I, too, am amazed by the 5-7 minutes. Selah is adorable. I love the cloth diaper picture! =) Speaking of cloth diapers, the picture of Ephraim in his green diaper cracked me up because the velcro tabs are much closer together than they are on Judson! =)

Neil, Kelsey, and Elliott Cantrall said...

Your prep, prayer, and expectations sound very similar to ours with the second one coming. What a good little eater!! How are the mini diapers treating you?

Barb said...

Look at that little round belly!