Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ohio Trip Day 3 &4

Friday was hot. Hot, hot, hot. 90 degrees and 90% humidity. I now know why Southern girls do their hair - they have to or the humidity will make them look like poodles! Once again the kids did great and played in the grass.

Ryan clearing the pole vault. He cleared 14-7.5 inches! Right after pole vault Ryan went to the ambulance for an IV. He was dehydrated, a little out of it, and had some minor heat exhaustion.
Ryan finished 11th at Nationals with a personal best of 6501 points. Here he is with his coach John Smith and Joel Krebs, the other senior.

West Virginia. It was very pretty.
After a hot day the kids got in the shower. Ephraim wanted in, but I didn't trust him on slippery tile without an adult in the shower.
How many people can you fit on a king sized bed?

These two pictures are to prove that Ephraim has actually been in Illinois. He slept the entire time we were in the airport on Saturday.

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jhjumper said...

I feel snubbed that neither you nor Colleen mentioned that I WAS THERE TOO!! You also saw me for four days, but no, no mention of your caring and loving sister - its all about Ryan: apparently he's the star of show or something.