Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow Day

I figured that it is about time to add some pictures from our trip to Wyoming; which seems appropriate since we are having a snow day today. My boss called and told me to stay home, and that they don't want us driving.

Forrest and I arrived in Wyoming and spent the day hanging out with family. On Sunday we had a football party, and invited some good friends to come over and watch Minnesota play (that was for the Wachobs and Kollin) and then we watched the Seattle game. Forrest then got to play dodgeball with Kollin and Jenn's rec team. It snowed Sunday night, and Forrest and I tried to make a snow man, but the snow was way too dry. On Monday we got to eat lunch at my favorite place - New York City Sub Shop. While I was there, I realized that there are two New York City Sub Shops in the Bend, OR area, which gives me two more reasons to visit my friend Shara.

The rest of our time was spent hanging out with family and friends, shopping for Christmas presents, and trying to figure out if we could stay longer.

Odd truth of the week: Forrest and I shared Thanksgiving dinner with a monkey.

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Shara said...

Yes! Come visit - we have lots of good snowman making snow! Is that the gazebo in which you and Forest were married?